About Bundles of Hairs

Hey, welcome to Bundles of Hair (bundles of hair dot com was taken already, meh!). 

I'm the founder - that's me on the right. Alesha. And I'm absolutely obsessed with hair extensions, weaves, wigs and trying all types of different stuff with my hair. Then I report back to you, for better or worse!

Sometimes my hair hates me for it (sorry, hair) but we have a lot of fun and over the years, I feel like I've pretty much nailed now what looks good and what doesn't. As well as the types of hair, products and brands that are fabulous...and the ones that you want to swerve!

So, this site has become a place where me and my team of hair experts show you everything we know to make sure you never have a bad hair day again - well, no promises but that's the goal. 

We pride ourselves on being honest and reporting everything we try accurately (no, we're not like those YouTubers who take free hair in exchange for a "good" review.)

While our genuine recommendations do mean we get a kickback from some companies - it keeps our site going, and you'll get a product you're happy with - Win, Win!

At the same time, if we review a product that's crap, we won't hold back on letting you know how bad it is. We will never sell out our values which is to match you with the best information, deals and products. 

Stick around, read some articles and say "hey" in the comments when you've finished reading an article.

Enjoy your time here - we're so happy to have you. Thanks for allowing me and my team the opportunity to show you what we know about hair and help you look fabulous.