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What is a Lace Closure? The 5 Types and Everything You Need to Know

When considering hair extensions, you might be thinking about buying lace closures. But what is a lace closure? While the best extensions and hairline additions will look amazing when applied in the right

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Procerin Review: Does It Work for Hair Loss in Men? A Detailed Look

Many men and women alike go through the process of losing hair at some point. The feeling can be quite devastating and that’s when your search for a procerin review as a solution might begin. Studies

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Brazilian vs Indian Hair | Which extensions are the best?

If you’re already looking into the best virgin hair available, there’s a good chance you will already have come across Brazilian and Indian hair extensions. But how does Brazilian vs Indian

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How to Wash Brazilian Hair Extensions in 9 Steps

As you can imagine, Brazilian hair is going to need special care and attention once it’s in place. If you want to keep a human hair weave looking and smelling great, you’re going to need to

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How to Dye a Brazilian Weave in 12 Steps

Are you looking into Brazilian hair for the first time? Hair extensions made from Brazilian virgin hair are often some of the most resilient and the most natural looking. But it’s safe to say that

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How to Tell if Brazilian Hair is Real – 4 Tests You Can Do Today

Real virgin Brazilian hair can look amazing. But buying it is something you are always going to be careful with. In some cases, it can be easy to invest in fake Brazilian hair for extensions without ever

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How to Remove Tape Extensions – Step By Step Home Removal

Do you use tape in hair extensions regularly? Do you find it a pain or hassle to take them out when you’re finished with them? The removal process is a struggle that many people go through –

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Brassy balayage and 7 Ways to Fix It

Are you deep into the balayage trend? I really can’t blame you – but what you may find over time is that Balayage hair can start to take on a brassy color of its own which you really didn’t

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Indian Remy Hair Reviews

Virgin Indian Hair Reviews The first review of Virgin Indian Hair is by Ashley from Ashley Chennel Beauty on YouTube. Summary of Review “This hair is absolutely luscious, lovely, gorgeous. I absolutely

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Hair Bundles With Closure

Are you keen to find a stunning new way to complement your current hairstyle? Want to add more to your hair, but want to avoid growing it out for months to come? Hair bundles with closure will help you

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