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How to Do a Big Chop on Relaxed Hair

Going natural is not something new. But more and more women are undergoing the big chop to embrace their natural hair. If you are thinking of getting rid of chemical treatments, doing the big chop can

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How Many Grams of Hair for a Full Weave?

“How many grams of hair for a full weave?” This is one of the most common questions customers usually ask whenever they are about to buy or look for new hair extensions. To answer these questions,

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Does Hair Grow Faster After Big Chop?

Embracing your natural hair is a journey. To jumpstart the hair journey, some people choose the big chop method. But does hair grow faster after big chop? For many people, this question is a bit confusing.

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How Long Does It Take to go Natural From Relaxed Hair?

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a journey. If you have decided not to do the big chop, but you do want to transition from your processed hair back to your natural hair, you will have to deal

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4a Hair Growth Stages & 4 Tips to Help it Grow

With its coily and tightly curled pattern, 4A hair is easily recognizable. This hair looks coarse but actually, it is very delicate and soft. When stretched, the tight coils of 4A hair form “S” patterns.

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4c Hair Growth Stages

We all long for voluminous hair, but some people almost never need a haircut. The reason is simple: their hair growth is stunted. Hair growth is a complex phenomenon. It is not easy to explain what is

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8 Tips on How to Make 4c Hair Grow

“How to make 4c hair grow?” is one of the common questions on the net right now.  First let me say that determining your hair type can be one of the most confusing things, especially if your

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Malaysian Hair Vs Peruvian Hair – Origins and Features

Malaysian Hair Vs Peruvian Hair? Not sure which one is the most suitable for your hair and preferences? Worry no more, in this article we will take you through both hair origins, features, pricing, and

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Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair – Origins and Features

Features In this article, we will briefly introduce Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair. Undoubtedly, Hair extensions are long known to be secret weapons for a lot of female celebrities and even for ordinary

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Mongolian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair – Origins and Features

It’s important to say that there are various types of virgin hair origins when it comes to hair weaves. And with different origins, the hair features alter as well. In this article, we will be introducing

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