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Best Wet to Dry Flat Iron


Wet to Dry Flat Iron is one of the latest innovative products in the flat iron industry. A wet to dry flat iron is more or less the same as a regular flat iron, however, with the exception that it can be effectively used in wet hair.

In other words, contrary to a normal flat iron that can be used only in dry hair, a wet to dry flat iron can be used in both dry and wet hair. With a bespoke selection of wet to dry flat irons to choose from, it has indeed become a difficult task to select the most suitable one.

For those looking for a professional, lightweight choice, then nothing would be better than the one presented by Avanti, namely, Avanti Wet Dry Nano Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron.

As the name suggests, Avanti WD-AVCROC Flat Iron is an integration of several innovative technologies like Nano Titanium and Ceramic Technology, Nano Silver, and Negative Ion Technology.

In fact, each of the technology and items that form part of this product has its own uniqueness and has a ton of benefits. For instance, the Nano Titanium and Ceramic Technology used in Avanti WD-AVCROC allow for a stable even distribution of heat and help to remove damaging hot spots.

In addition, since the ceramic plates generate negative ions and infrared heat, it has the advantage of maintaining more moisture within the hair’s shaft; closing cuticles and eliminating frizzing, ensuring smooth shiny hair; and safeguarding your hair from any kind of damage while styling.

Likewise, silver ion and silver properties contained in Nano-Silver have toxic agents, which in turn have the ability to combat all kinds of algae, fungi and bacteria.

Furthermore, silver promotes gentle styling by reducing friction. When it comes to Negative Ion Technology, it serves as a great factor in helping you achieve healthy hair and scalp.

Avanti WD-AVCROC’s features, among many others, are narrow 1-3/8” plates with “surround” heat. This offers the versatility to try a variety of styles.

The wet to dry technology releases steam via 94 dispensing and two special moisture extracting channels. The iron itself has high-end digital displays and controls which allows for high heats up to 430° F.

The Nano-ceramic element allows for quick heat-up as well as maintaining a stable and high temperature.

The cutting-edge digital temperature controls help avoid accidental activation and the built-in turbo ion generator emits 5 million negative ions per cubic centimeter.

What’s that in plain English you ask? (come on, let me show off my vocabulary!) It basically means that this flat iron generates tons of negative ions. Your hair is generally positively charged because of its water content, which results in the frizz which we are trying to tame. So a wet to dry flat iron that provides negative ions while styling means much smoother, shinier and frizz-free hair. Ideal!

Above all, worth mentioning is its unique ergonomic design that is lightweight and strain-free. It really does feel good in your hand and makes the styling process a breeze.

With these superb features, it is not a wonder why Avanti WD-AVCROC has been preferred by most people.

If you are interested in this wet to dry flat iron, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it an honest recommendation.


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