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How to Do a Big Chop on Relaxed Hair
Going natural is not something new. But more and more women are undergoing the big chop to embrace their natural[...]
How Many Grams of Hair for a Full Weave?
“How many grams of hair for a full weave?” This is one of the most common questions customers usually ask[...]
Does Hair Grow Faster After Big Chop?
Embracing your natural hair is a journey. To jumpstart the hair journey, some people choose the big chop method. But[...]
How Long Does It Take to go Natural From Relaxed Hair?
Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a journey. If you have decided not to do the big chop, but[...]
4a Hair Growth Stages
With its coily and tightly curled pattern, 4A hair is easily recognizable. This hair looks coarse but actually, it is[...]
4c Hair Growth Stages
We all long for voluminous hair, but some people almost never need a haircut. The reason is simple: their hair[...]
8 Tips on How to Make 4c Hair Grow
"How to make 4c hair grow?" is one of the common questions on the net right now.  First let me[...]
Malaysian Hair Vs Peruvian Hair – Origins and Features
Malaysian Hair Vs Peruvian Hair? Not sure which one is the most suitable for your hair and preferences? Worry no[...]
Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair – Origins and Features
Features In this article, we will briefly introduce Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair. Undoubtedly, Hair extensions are long known to[...]
Mongolian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair – Origins and Features
It's important to say that there are various types of virgin hair origins when it comes to hair weaves. And[...]
How to Put in 6 Types of Extensions – The Ultimate Guide
Hair extensions speak the message of hope to short and shaggy natural hairs. They add volume and versatility to your[...]
How to Color Bundles in 6 Easy Steps
Adding color to your hair bundles make it vigorous and gorgeous. If you fancy colored hair weaves, I am sure[...]
What Is 4b Hair Type?
Andre Walker’s hair typing system guides us to know the type of hair we carry. Through Andre Walker’s typing system,[...]
What is 4a Hair Type?
Black hair comes in so many textures and structures. Black hair is categorized into three types, all of which are[...]
Where Does Weave Hair Come from?
Where does weave hair come from? It’s either synthetically manufactured or sourced from human heads. Fast lifestyles are the drill[...]
Does Weave Make Your Hair Grow? (and 3 Other Benefits)
Does a weave make your hair grow? Yes and no. Ladies have varied perceptions about what weaves can do to[...]
What is 4c Hair Type? (and 5 Tips to Care For it)
4C hair is a beautiful and unique hair type categorized in range 4 on the texture typing system chart created[...]
How Do Hair Extensions Work?
Achieving fuller, longer, and stunning hair locks can take years of dedicated care. Our hairs take years to grow into[...]
What Is a Hair Weave?
The demand for weaves has been growing of late. More women are awake to what weaves can do to their[...]
How to Remove Hair Dye From Skin
Even after studying and mastering the DIY hair dyeing art, mistakes are inevitable. Also, despite your being extra attentive, it’s[...]
What is a Lace Closure? The 5 Types and Everything You Need to Know
When considering hair extensions, you might be thinking about buying lace closures. But what is a lace closure? While the[...]
Procerin Review: Does It Work for Hair Loss in Men? A Detailed Look
Many men and women alike go through the process of losing hair at some point. The feeling can be quite[...]
Brazilian vs Indian Hair | Which extensions are the best?
If you're already looking into the best virgin hair available, there's a good chance you will already have come across[...]
How to Wash Brazilian Hair Extensions in 9 Steps
As you can imagine, Brazilian hair is going to need special care and attention once it's in place. If you[...]
How to Dye a Brazilian Weave in 12 Steps
Are you looking into Brazilian hair for the first time? Hair extensions made from Brazilian virgin hair are often some[...]
How to Tell if Brazilian Hair is Real – 4 Tests You Can Do Today
Real virgin Brazilian hair can look amazing. But buying it is something you are always going to be careful with.[...]
How to Remove Tape Extensions – Step By Step Home Removal
Do you use tape in hair extensions regularly? Do you find it a pain or hassle to take them out[...]
Brassy balayage and 7 Ways to Fix It
Are you deep into the balayage trend? I really can't blame you - but what you may find over time[...]
Indian Remy Hair Reviews
Virgin Indian Hair Reviews The first review of Virgin Indian Hair is by Ashley from Ashley Chennel Beauty on YouTube.[...]
Hair Bundles With Closure
Are you keen to find a stunning new way to complement your current hairstyle? Want to add more to your[...]
Hair Extensions After Care
Just getting into a brand new bundle of hair extensions? You're probably wondering how to make the most of styling[...]
Yaki Bundles
Are you intrigued by Brazilian hair? Want to look into a whole new style with the new season coming up?[...]
Clip In vs Glue Hair Extensions
Thinking of getting hair extensions? You may have already seen that there are a few types of hair extension products[...]
Peruvian vs Brazilian hair
If you are looking for natural human hair extensions, there are many decisions you will need to make, from the[...]
The History of Hair Styling
 Both men and women have, through the ages, arranged their hair in varying and sometimes elaborate ways. Sumerian women[...]
The Process of Hair Growth
  Hair growth begins with a small structure underneath the skin called a follicle. The hair follicle is surrounded by[...]
Wedding Hair
The question was popped, the rings were bought, and you’ve gotten everyone else to worry about the details of the[...]
Best Wet to Dry Flat Iron
  Wet to Dry Flat Iron is one of the latest innovative products in the flat iron industry. A wet[...]
Coconut Oil for Perfect Colored Hair – Step by Step Guide
College days are often fun when one is care-free and is ready to experiment with the new trends, be it[...]
Why Hair Extensions? Who Needs Them & Which Ones to Get (Plus tips for care)
  What woman doesn’t need to feel gorgeous? Doesn’t need a head full of healthy beautiful hair? There are hundreds[...]
Hair Loss Products
There are a wide range of products in the market claiming to deal with baldness. There are wigs and switches.[...]
Expert Tips for Hair Extensions Care
Getting Hair Extensions can be quite expensive, so you should take care of them to make them last as long[...]
Long Hair Care
In the eyes of many people, women who wear their hair long are some of the most attractive women in[...]
Best Hair Extensions: Which Type Should YOU Go For?
Thanks to the number of different options available nowadays, it can be difficult trying to figure out which hair extensions[...]
Holi Festival Tips For Saving Your Hair, Skin and Nails
Holi, a festival of colour and an indicator of spring setting in. There was a time for me when Holi[...]
Malaysian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair – What’s the Difference & Which is Best?
What are Malaysian Hair Extensions? As the name suggests, Malaysian hair extensions come from Malaysian hair donors and are much[...]
Remy Hair Vs Virgin Hair Vs Human Hair – Which is Best?
Which type should you get? What's the difference? We’re here to hook you up and explain the variations so you[...]