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Brassy balayage and 7 Ways to Fix It

Are you deep into the balayage trend? I really can’t blame you – but what you may find over time is that Balayage hair can start to take on a brassy color of its own which you really didn’t intend for.

Balayage hair looks great when the colors and tones do what they are supposed to, but dyed blonde hair can, unfortunately, have a habit of going brassy after a while.

This is probably not the look you hand in mind – which means that, in most cases, you’re probably going to want to reach for something like a leading toner to fix the color issues.

But – surely there’s an easier, more affordable way to sort out that brassy balayage once and for all?

In this guide, I’m going to take a look through a few solutions to help you get that perfect tone back on track.

Even better, if I can help keep you out of the salon and spending a fortune on fancy shampoo, I will!

Salons do a lot for us – but if you can take your brassy hair solutions out of the hairdressing chair, why shouldn’t you?

Not everyone’s looking for orange, yellow or brassy hair – your best routes out of brassiness and unwanted tone hair are just around the corner!

How do you get rid of brassy Balayage?

Some may think that a quick trip to the salon, or a simple dab or two of leading shampoo, is likely to sort out these blonde concerns.

However, there are quicker, more affordable hair color fixes well worth looking into.

Before you go back to the salon, try some of the following hair fixes:

  1. Purple shampoo tends to be a great resource if you are dying blonde hair regularly. This will help to lock in the warmer tones you’re going to want to keep at bay.
  2. Going orange or yellow? Look for a specific color of shampoo. You might actually benefit from a green shampoo rather than a purple shampoo option for your hair if things are going particularly blonde to brassy. Go easy on the green, however, as you’re going to give yourself a whole new color crisis if you overdo it!
  3. It may be worth switching out for a cooler tone or hair shade altogether. Science tells us that brassiness in your balayage is likely to occur through blue molecules escaping – but without going into too much detail, try and sway towards a cooler shade or tone to avoid the brassiness in your balayage altogether. It might just be the best thing you do for your hair moving forward.
  4. No matter the products and procedures you use, be sure to avoid getting your hair out in the sun too often. The allure of the beach and catching those rays might be strong, but your hair really could use a break from UV every once in a while.
  5. The same goes for chlorine. Sure – you’re unlikely to use this anywhere but a hot tub or a pool, but that’s just it. Soak your hair in neutralizing pool water and you’re going to do some serious damage to your color.
  6. Try and use a toner at home instead of at the salon. It’s tempting to go back and get your tones, hair color and treatments straight, but there’s nothing wrong with trying a leading brand like Wella at home. If you really want to keep the yellow and orange at bay, you’ll likely want to do some scouting around.
  7. When you’re happy with your toned hair, try making a switch to a shampoo that’s color safe. This might mean making a bit of a big swap in the long run, but it will be worth it if you’re serious about keeping a color you like in place.

Of course, these are just a few quick ideas to try. If you absolutely have to go to the salon, so be it – but keep in mind, you might end up having to use and pay for the same services again and again in time to come.

Prevention is better than the cure in this case. Providing you take good care of your balayage, there are no reasons why brassy looks should ever become a problem.

Toning and coloring doesn’t have to be complex, though you really shouldn’t have to dread the brassiness sweeping in time and again.


How do you get rid of brassy hair naturally?

If you take a look online, you’ll find that there are plenty of natural hair remedies for getting rid of unwanted brassiness.

Some will even tell you that using vinegar is a great way to resolving that brassy look (I don’t know about you girls but if I have to put vinegar in my hair, then I quit ha!).

But, my general advice would be to try and concentrate on prevention.

There are natural oils and purple options out there which will help to get your hair looking great again.

However, simply caring for your hair to the extent where you avoid intensive UV and chlorine might just do enough to stop brassiness in its tracks naturally.

In fact, you may also benefit from using a clear oil or natural oil in your hair before you blow it dry. This will likely help you turn that annoying brass tone around.

Otherwise stick to the 7 tips above.

What does toner do for Balayage?

Toner does more than just ‘tone’ your hair. It effectively, and essentially, helps to protect the color you have in place.

No matter the color you use, and the shampoo you put to use regularly (purple or otherwise), it makes sense to give your hair a little bit of extra protection.

Your hair can benefit from a bit of gloss, which adds extra shine onto your colors and can help keep warm, brassy tones at bay.

Most stylists will tell you that regular toning every few months is key. However, toning your balayage is only one route towards banishing brassiness for good.

For example, you might want to reach out for some purple shampoo if you really need to turn your hair color around.

Styling and caring for your hair at home is the best way forward.

Overall, if you stick to my 7 tips to prevent and get rid of brassy color in your hair, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting and beautiful looking balayage hair for a long time.


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