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Brazilian vs Indian Hair | Which extensions are the best?

If you’re already looking into the best virgin hair available, there’s a good chance you will already have come across Brazilian and Indian hair extensions. But how does Brazilian vs Indian hair compare? These tend to be two of the most popular styles of human hair for extension and for good reason.

  • Why is this?
  • And how can you easily tell the difference between Brazilian hair vs Indian hair?
  • Which of the two hair types is likely to be the best choice for you, and to complete the full look you’re dreaming of?

This is what you’ll learn in this post.

The fact is, human hair is curiously different all over the world – meaning that depending on where you buy your bundles from, you’re likely to get different hair that’s resistant to different climates.

Some hair from warmer climates, such as tropical regions, will tend to be more resistant than others.

Before you go ahead and buy any bundles of virgin Indian hair, Brazilian hair or otherwise, make sure to read my following guide on what to expect. You’re going to need to know what to look for when it comes to great quality texture and which suits you best. Let’s get straight into it!

About Indian Hair

indian woman with long hairIndian hair extensions are massively popular. Indian hair textures tend to be some of the easiest to use and the most comfortable to wear, and what’s more, many people swear by its versatility.

Pros of Indian Hair

It’s not too dense, and that generally makes for hair textures which are very easy to straighten and curl if you desire.

Indian hair tends to be the optimal choice for those looking for lighter hair extensions on the whole, which you can easily use to add a little more bounce to your style.

It’s also tangle-free, on the whole. Its naturally dark shades, too, tend to make it a popular choice in a wide variety of styles.

Cons of Indian Hair

This type of hair, whether you add it in specific pieces or use it to create a whole look, can be subject to frizz.

Despite it being easy to frizz, the unique texture of Indian hair is easy enough to treat which means that there’s no reason you can’t work this look to your advantage.

Why Choose Indian Hair?

Indian hair is a great choice if you prefer a dark, free-moving look which isn’t going to weigh you down.

Providing you’re willing to treat it well, it’s worth looking into as a premier hair extension choice.

Indian hair offers an amazingly versatile choice. The colour, the texture and the resistance to tangling likely help to make it one of the most popular virgin hair choices on the market right now.

Regardless of hair types, Indian hair is likely to complete a full look with minimal hassle.

It’s also very loose and perfect for natural movement, too.

About Brazilian Hair

On the other side, Brazilian hair offers a different kind of popular look.

Pros of Brazilian Hair

These hair extensions offer plenty of heat resilience, and what’s more, when considering Brazilian hair vs Indian hair for the perfect look and texture, Brazilian might just inch it if you are looking for a lot of density and volume.

Brazilian hair is more dense than Indian hair, which means it may immediately appeal to those looking for an altogether different look and fit. It’s some of the most durable virgin hair you can buy.

woman with brazilian hair bundle

What’s more, you probably won’t need much in the way of Brazilian hair if you want to build your look around the texture. It is so dense and voluminous that it will likely only need a couple of bundles to really hold up on its own.

Tends to be more affordable than Indian extensions and bundles due to its popularity.

Brazilian hair textures also tend to be very easy to maintain, with minimal upkeep.

Cons of Brazilian Hair

That said, there is still upkeep required, which means you’re going to need to give it more than a little TLC.

Some styles, especially the ones with more volume and density will be harder to maintain and keep perfect than others.

Because of Brazilian extensions popularity, there are also some poor quality bundles and extensions online, so be sure to do your research.

Why Choose Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair is amazingly soft and flexible despite the fact that it is so famously dense.

For many people, investing in Brazilian hair extensions may actually work out more cost effective in the long run, which means that if working to a hair budget is important to you, these virgin hair extensions could well be at the top of your wish list.

Brazilian hair tends to holds its form really well, too. Therefore, if tight curls are important to you, then Brazilian is likely to be a top choice.

Which is Better – Brazilian Hair or Indian Hair?

This is where things can start to get a little tricky! Both Brazilian hair and Indian hair carry their own fantastic use.

In fact, both types of hair are actually fairly similar in more than a few ways. Both offer strong textures which are dark and versatile, meaning that it should always be easy for you to blend these hair styles into your existing look.

Human hair which is either Brazilian or Indian will tend to be very popular. This is because these bundles are easy to use and maintain. Indian hair tends to be very light and breezy, and therefore easy to curl and adjust as you wish.

Brazilian hair, while much denser and thicker on the whole, is popular for its superior hold. It inches ahead of Indian hair for the simple fact that it is more resilient against the elements, if that is important to you.

That said, Indian hair tends to be popular for its added versatility. Brazilian hair extensions will hold and secure plenty of curls, but a virgin Indian hairstyle or hair extensions are going to be more preferential for ease of movement.

So – the bottom line is – they both hold plenty of value! It all depends on what exactly you are looking for from your hair extensions. A battle between Peruvian vs Brazilian hair, or Malayasian hair vs Brazilian hair might have been a clearer matchup.

But in the here and now, the battle of Brazilian hair vs Indian hair has to be decided by you.

Looking for volume, hold and durability? Brazilian hair is the way to go.

Prefer ease of movement and lighter strands? Consider Indian hair instead.

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