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Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair – Origins and Features


In this article, we will briefly introduce Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair. Undoubtedly, Hair extensions are long known to be secret weapons for a lot of female celebrities and even for ordinary women who are looking to elevate their appeal. 

And with so many options on the market when it comes to hair extensions, choosing the right one for you can be quite a difficult task, especially when you don’t know what you are dealing with.

For this reason, knowing about the hair origins, texture, and other peculiar characteristics can help you know what kind of hair you will be dealing with and if that hair will fit perfectly within your preferences. To learn more about Burmese Hair VS Malaysian Hair, make sure to keep on reading.

Burmese Hair VS Malaysian Hair Origins

 Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia, having all of Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam as its borders. Malaysian hair is known to be one of the finest virgin human hair. 

The way the hair flows without tangles gives it the smoothest and straight patterned appeal. The virgin Malaysian hair is usually collected from Original Malaysian women who decide to sell their hair to support themselves and their families. Sometimes, they donate their hair as a god-offer. 

Still in Southeast Asia, Burman is bordered by China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and India. The country is by far the 4th largest hair exporter in the world. A lot of virgin Burmese hair is exported to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and more. 

The hair is collected based on different occasions. For instance, at every end of the year, Burmese women will cut their hair as a symbol of throwing away bad luck and bring in a new year that is full of health, luck, and prosperity. 

On other occasions, Burmese hair is collected from regional women who sell their hair for a good amount of money to help with their financial status. 

Burmese Hair VS Malaysian Hair Features

The color variation in Malaysian hair is usually of a dark tone, and it goes from dark brown to dark black. When it comes to texture, the virgin Malaysian hair is usually thick, heavy, and lush compared to other types of hair. It stands out from the market thanks to its hairstyle divergences. 

You can style it depending on your preferences. It can be style slightly wavy, wavy, curly, or straight. The hair is also known to be super soft, shiny, and silky. Once washed and dried, the hair takes its natural pattern which is straight, or slightly wavy. It gives its wearer a natural appeal. 

The best thing about Malaysian hair is the fact that it does not require heavy attachment or any added product to maintain the curls or waves. If you rock African-Caribbean hair, you can stay assured that Malaysian hair blends perfectly as extensions within your hair, especially if you have dark-toned hair. It gives it the perfect natural wave or curls. 

However, if your hair is lighter, then you may find some troubles finding your preferred colors. This type of hair is ideal also for any female who is looking for more thickness and volume in her hair.

On the other hand, Burmese Hair is the perfect blend of Chinese hair and Indian hair. This type of hair is heat and sun resistant. The virgin Burmese looks are incredibly healthy with a shining glimpse in it. The hairstyle is usually straight with a little to none slight at the tail end. Just like Malaysian hair, Burmese hair comes in dark-toned colors including anything between dark brown and dark black. 

Compared to other hair extensions, the texture can be described as coarse, thick, and extremely versatile. This means that the hair is easy to maintain and it can keep curls or waves with the proper external products. More importantly, it’s tangle-free and matte free. 

However, you may want to brush it once in a while to ensure great smoothness and durability. If you are looking for natural virgin dark-toned straight hair, then Burmese is good to go. The hair can be straightened, bleached, and dyed while still maintaining its kinks.

Burmese Hair VS Malaysian Hair Pricing

Both of these types of hair are on the expensive side. Malaysian hair is considerably more pricey than Brazilian hair. 

Burmese Hair VS Malaysian Hair Durability

Every hair extension no matter its origins or donors need to be maintained properly in order to last long. And while the durability of hair extensions somehow depends on hair quality both Malaysian and Burmese hair are considered quite long-lasting and enduring.

However, You should keep in mind that proper sustaining is important for this durability, meaning that shampoo and conditions should be selected carefully. Shampoos should have a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 and ideally sulfate-free. Avoid washing the hair extensions with unfiltered water as that may add up minerals that are not good for the hair. Use mineral water if necessary. 

It is also advised that you apply alcohol-free products and low heat sets on hair devices. Despite being resistant to heat, it is always a good idea to keep them protected from heated settings. 

All in all, when it comes to Burmese Hair VS Malaysian hair, it is safe to both offer quality, and natural appeal. 

If you want to invest your money in virgin hair extensions that will last you long enough and endure different settings, then you should definitely consider any of these both. Despite being a little bit on the expensive side, you will surely enjoy an untangled and highly versatile hair that you can style however you like. 

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Burmese Hair Vs Malaysian Hair – Conclusion

Today, on the market, you will find different types of hair styling of both virgin raw Malaysian and Burmese hair, from straight, wavy to curly. The only downside, that the colors are limited to dark black and dark brown, or anything in between. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t dye them.

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