Burmese Hair Bundles

Are you on the search for an alternative to Brazilian or maybe even Malaysian hair extensions? Then Burma, the country that borders India, China and Thailand, might have the answer. As well as being home to one of the most popular breeds of python in the world, it is also, unsurprisingly, where the donors of 100% natural Burmese hair extensions come from.

What makes Burmese stand out and different, if there is anything at all? What is Burmese curly hair extensions like and is Brazilian or even Cambodian hair better than Burmese hair? Before you click purchase and buy some of our great remy hair extension products or bundles, we will discuss the answer to these questions and shed some light on this type of hair extension that is growing slowly in popularity.


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What is Burmese Hair?

Burmese Hair Extensions consist of 100% raw human hair taken from donors who live in the South-Asian country of Burma. Like all the products we discuss and offer on this site, authentic Burmese hair bought for use as hair extensions is not treated or processed using steam, chemicals or bleach and is derived from the same individual donor so that you get the benefit of consistency and quality.

All hair has been combed through from the top to bottom to ensure there are no tangles and that strands are all flowing the same way. Once you have purchased this hair, like all extensions you can dye, style, curl and work with it in anyway.

What texture is Burmese hair?

An important consideration to make when purchasing hair extensions is finding the type that blends best with your own hair. That’s why texture is so important. A highly versatile human hair product, raw Burmese hair has a high luster and has the distinct advantage due to its exotic origins and the scarcity of its availability of not being as common as many of the others profiled and sold on our site or anywhere else.

It is often described as being like a blend of Chinese and Indian hair. As such, it has a somewhat coarse texture. It’s not reserved for just Indian, Chinese and other Asian people and those with that ethnicity. Burmese hair is very thick and soft, making it an excellent choice for African American people and those with hair just like them. Its hair texture makes it looks amazing and it requires low maintenance in its natural state.

Although the most common form you will find Burmese hair is curly, you can also find wavy weaves too.

What is Burmese curly hair?

Burmese hair is available in a wide range of styles, but one of the most common you will find is curly. This is ideal if you are looking for virgin hair extensions that you can clip in to place or otherwise attach without requiring much styling. It will blend in well with existing hair and give you a stunning and beautiful look with an extremely professional finish.

Is Brazilian or Cambodian Hair Better than Burmese?

When it comes to choosing a type of hair raw or virgin, there are a lot of things you need to think about. The truth is, if you were to choose Cambodian, Burmese or even Brazilian hair, you will be making a wise investment. All of these types of hair weave have their advantages and disadvantages.

As we have already discussed Burmese is similar to Indian hair and Chinese hair, so if you are looking for that kind of hair, then Burmese will be best. Whereas if you are looking for

What is the Best Type of Bundle Hair?

Much like the above question, the question of which type of hair bundle is the best is one that is not easy to answer, as a lot depends on personal preference and the kind of hair your existing hair is. If you are looking for a coarse textured hair to match that of your own texture or have always wanted that kind of hair pattern, Burmese hair will not disappoint.

You will find easy to purchase bundles on our pages, including Burmese hair. Our products are of such a high quality and 100% human from one donor so that when the hair installed blends with your natural hair it there won’t be any shedding and tangling. Although you may wish to opt for curly, straight Burmese human hair extensions can easily be curled to offer a lot of versatility.