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Does Hair Grow Faster After Big Chop?

Embracing your natural hair is a journey. To jumpstart the hair journey, some people choose the big chop method. But does hair grow faster after big chop? For many people, this question is a bit confusing. Hair growth depends on the health of hair follicles at the scalp level. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic. 

What Is the Big Chop, Really?

The term big chop refers to cutting off all over-processed or damaged hair. After the big chop, your hair may look short, but you may like it. Transitioning is thought to be an alternative to the big chop. Transitioning means trimming your processed hair, but not all at once. 

Does the Big Chop Really Boost Hair Growth?

People ask this question often because there is some confusion about it. Many people think that the growth rate of hair becomes faster after the big chop. But others think it does not do anything. So, we have to pay attention to what science says about hair growth.

There is some debate, but the fact is, freshly cut hair does not always grow faster. The real growth of hair is related to the follicles at the scalp level. Cutting your hair means cutting the bottom of your hair strands. And these two things are not actually the same. Here are some reasons why some people tend to think that hair grows faster after the big chop: 

The first reason is that after the big chop your hair is healthier. Healthy hair looks like it is growing faster. When your hair is freshly trimmed, it looks lush and healthy. There is another thing that the big chop does. It removes the unhealthy here and for this reason, people tend to think that the hair is growing faster. 

Your hair relaxes after the big chop. A few days after you cut your hair, it will relax back. People confuse it with faster hair growth. When your hair relaxes, maintenance is a lot easier. The big chop can be good for busy people.

So, does hair grow faster after big chop? Now you know it actually doesn’t.  You have to find a method you are comfortable with and choose it. Embracing your natural hair is the way to go. It can be empowering.

Whether you choose to transition or big chop, the process will take time. Real hair growth is not an overnight phenomenon. It certainly takes time. So, you have to be a bit persistent and patient with your hair curls. 

Is the Big Chop Worth It?

Although the big chop does not boost hair growth, it has lots of other advantages. Let’s learn about some of them. If you do the big chop, it will be easy for you to get comfortable with the new hair texture. Managing your hair gets easier and simpler. 

On the other hand, transitioning works by manipulating your hair texture. If you choose to transition, you will have to manage multiple hair types and textures (more on this below!)

Scab Hair

What is scab hair? It’s the term used to describe the new hair that grows straight after you’ve stopped using chemical relaxers. This hair is usually not of the best quality your scalp will put out – it can be very dry, brittle and hard to control. There’s no real science behind why scab hair happens but a popular theory is that it’s your scalps way of pushing out the remaining chemicals from the hair relaxer.

If you consider scab hair, you will have to manage three types of hair at the same time:

  • Your relaxed hair
  • your natural hair texture
  • scab hair

When you do the big chop, you will not avoid scab hair. But if you do not have over-processed hair, manipulating is easier. 


Benefits of the Big Chop

The big chop carries many benefits for your hair, here are some below:

  • Studies have shown that it improves sleep by lowering stress levels. This is another great reason to do the big chop.
  • You can take care of your hair more easily.
  • Hair products seem to work better.

Does hair grow faster after big chop? There is no scientific evidence that it does. But if you think it does, you are not completely mistaken. For example, in my personal experience of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair using protective methods like braids, I found that I encountered many split ends from the chemicals still in my hair. 

Where as when I did the big chop, my hair appeared to grow faster because I completely cut all of the damaged hair off.

If you do the big chop, your hair will certainly appear fuller and healthier. Though this shouldn’t be confused with faster growth – this doesn’t seem to be affected unless you’re comparing it to other methods of transitioning where things like breakages and split ends might affect your progress.  

If you do not want to deal with breakage and split ends, doing the big chop can be a good idea. It can help you get rid of broken, split, and damaged hair altogether. 

Tips for Having Healthy Hair Growth After Big Chop

Here are some techniques that can be good for healthy hair growth after the big chop. They may not directly boost hair growth, but they can be good in other ways.

Keep your hair moisturized

If your new hair is properly conditioned and adequately moisturized, the roots are less prone to breakage. Skipping conditioner is a really bad idea. Do not overuse shampoo because it can be bad for your hair. Keeping your hair moisturized is not easy when you overuse shampoo.

Shampoo can cleanse your hair, but at the same time, it removes the essential oils. As a result, your hair does not look soft and healthy. When you need to apply shampoo, do it gently. Just scrap the shampoo on your scalp. Vigorous scrubbing can certainly damage your hair strands. 

Avoid chemical treatments

Your hair will grow back naturally. However, the texture may not always be the same. At first, it may not be easy for you to get used to the natural texture. But very soon it will become familiar. Chemical treatments may be useful, even essential in some cases, but only for the short term. These treatments harm in the long term. 

Do not use a hair tie

To avoid tensions, you can keep your hair with a bobby pin. If the elastic wraps around tightly, it can lead to hair breakage. 

Use cold water to rinse your hair

After your shower, pour some cold water on your hair. It keeps the hair moisturized, and as a result, it is better able to withstand heat damage and snags. However, you should do it for a short period of time. Make sure your hair is not exposed to cold water for a long time.

Be careful when taking a hair-boosting supplement

To promote new hair, you need different types of nutrients. These nutrients range from essential minerals to ample protein. To have a balanced diet, closely monitor your diet. Make sure you are getting the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients.

Does hair grow faster after big chop? No, but neither does it if you take hair-boosting supplements in most cases. Supplements can sometimes reduce hair breakage and strengthen hair. But taking supplements without consulting your doctor is a really bad idea. Be careful when you choose a supplement to boost your hair. 

Making a Decision

The final decision for doing the big chop is up to you. But it can be an effective way to get rid of the problem of relaxed strands. While some people choose to do the big chop, others simply shave their hair. Maintaining a proper hair care routine is actually more important than using fancy hair care products. 

In the beginning, you may be a bit overwhelmed, because doing the big chop can change your appearance. But this is the easiest way to get comfortable with your natural hair texture quickly. 

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Does Hair Grow Faster After Big Chop – Conclusion

Does hair grow faster after big chop? The short answer is, it doesn’t. But there are many other advantages of doing the big chop. It can make hair care much easier, be healthier and more empowering to look at your hair in its natural state. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on maintenance, doing the big chop can be good for you.

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