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Does Weave Make Your Hair Grow? (and 3 Other Benefits)

Does a weave make your hair grow? Yes and no.

Ladies have varied perceptions about what weaves can do to their natural hair. Some assume wearing weaves make their hair grow taller and faster, while others don’t agree with such assumptions. According to pro hair experts, wearing weaves may not directly impact hair growth, but it does indirectly affect hair growth.

First, since you’re not manipulating your hair every so often, air breakage reduces tremendously, enabling the hair to retain strength. Hair grows from the follicles, and external modifications such as weaves and braids cannot truly change the growth rate.

How Can I Make Hair Grow When Wearing Weaves?

Ladies that wear weaves consistently but wouldn’t want to put their hair at risk of not growing should observe these guidelines.

Don’t apply the weave tightly

Weaves should feel comfortable and easy when on your head. When worn tightly, weaves stress and pressurize the hair follicles, leading to bald and hair loss. Ensure the weave fits snugly, and it does not feel uncomfortable. That will avoid frequent headaches and damage to your hair scalp.

Take good care of your hair

No matter how beautiful or punchy the weaves look, don’t forget they are only human-made. Your natural hair needs care, and treating it well should be your priority. Wash the hair with safe and high-quality shampoo once every week to optimize the scalp’s cleanliness and health.

By washing your hair with a high-grade shampoo, the accrued hair styling product and dead skin cells will be cleaned.

Wear the weave for the recommended period only

Don’t wear the weaves for way too long. The maximum period to wear a weave without risking your natural hair smelling bad or getting disordered is six weeks. Removing the weave after wearing it for the recommended period will give your scalp space to breathe and rest.

Condition the hair using vegetable oils and vitamin E

Vegetable oils contain enough oil that supplies your hair with enough moisture to keep it nourished and healthy. Some vegetable oils have antibacterial ingredients, essential for treating scalp problems, breakage, and dandruff. When applied properly and safely, olive or coconut oils will give your hair that fresh look, adding to its rigidity and strength.

Vitamin E is widely recognized for its superior hair nourishing and strengthening properties. Hair supplements and products containing vitamin E are widely used to protect hair, stimulate growth, reduce damage, and enhance hair structure.

Don’t use any synthetic weave

Wearing a low-quality synthetic hair extension can pose a risk to the growth of your natural hair. Substandard hair extensions cause scalp irritation and damage to natural hair. Explore multiple weaves and compare them from a variety of weaves on sale. Look for weaves with good online ratings and positive customer testimonials.

Scalp massage

People have been using massage to encourage hair growth since ancient times. Massaging triggers proper circulation of blood, absorption of nutrients, and stimulation of hair growth. Head massage is usually done to reduce fatigue, relaxing the mind, and relieve stress. By harmonizing and balancing your body system, your immune system will be perked, which in return will boost hair growth.

Benefits of Wearing Weaves

Although weaves may not directly impact hair growth, they can benefit the wearer in multiple ways, helping them maintain health and gorgeous natural hair.

Low on maintenance

Synthetic weaves come in different pre-styled options. You can always look your best when wearing weaves without needing to spend time styling your natural hair. The low maintenance ensures that you won’t have to remove and clean it every time. The fewer the instances you will remove the weave for cleaning and maintenance, the fewer the cases the hair will scratch and rub against the weave, causing breakage and damage.

Weaves offer quality protection

Weaves are sewn-in or installed on top of your natural hair. They stand as shield your natural hair from everyday wear-and-tear. The protection against heat styling and external elements gives your hair time to grow and strengthen. Since your natural hair won’t have to suffer the effects of harsh weather, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, or even pillowcases, there will be enough room for it to grow healthier and stronger.

Weaves allow for experimentation

The best thing about weaves is how flexible and versatile they are. They allow you to create virtually any type of look without much stress or time wastage. You can straighten the weaves without using relaxers or heat. You can do an ultra-short cut without necessarily needing to snip the tresses. Weaves give you the power to experiment without exposing your natural hair to the risk of being damaged.

Why You Should Choose the Right Hair Stylist

Installing weaves may look like an easy few minutes task until you do it wrongly, and your natural hair suffers in the process. Having the weaves installed by a professional hairstylist with years of experience and certified to offer hair styling services can go a long way in boosting the quality of the results.

Before you start the hunt for a hairstylist, research the essentials and requirements in wearing and caring for weaves. Getting the weaves installed professionally will guarantee better fitting. That would protect your hair from excessive combing, heating, and pulling, so only work with a pro.

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Does Weave Make Your Hair Grow –  Conclusion

So does weave make your hair work, in conclusion, weaves don’t necessarily make hair grow. They don’t directly attribute to the growth of hair. However, they play an indirect role in protecting hair against damage and breakage, allowing it to grow healthier and stronger over time. 

Observing the fundamental care and installation guidelines would guarantee that your hair doesn’t suffer from substandard weave installations and regular washing. Talk with hair specialists to discover premium quality weaves crafted uniquely to offer value for money. You should as well get the hair installed by a professional hairstylist to minimize errors. Don’t allow the weaves to sit so long on your hair as that could affect its growth and strength.

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