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Hair Extensions After Care

Just getting into a brand new bundle of hair extensions? You’re probably wondering how to make the most of styling them. From simple aftercare tips to detailed ways on how to use a tooth comb for best results, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of information out there. But let’s cut to the chase.

Hair extensions, while wonderful to look at, need a lot of care. JHust as you care for your natural hair, you need to make sure you apply specific care to your extensions. Whether you invest in Yaki straight extensions or 613 hair weaves, they all need a little TLC.

In some cases, you may find that hair extension aftercare is available from your weave provider. However, if you really want to make the most of your hair extensions, be prepared to do a little homework.

Stuck on which aftercare products are likely to work best for you? Want to make sure you know how to wash hair extensions before jumping in the shower? Before you find yourself struggling with wet hair, make sure to keep reading. We’ve lined up some brilliant hair extensions care tips to keep you styling for months and years to come.

How do I take care of my hair after extensions?

Of course, no two types of hair extension are the same. Human hair extensions or otherwise, there’s always a twist – or a curl. Therefore, it’s always worth paying attention to any guidance or instructions you receive when you buy. However, there are a few things you should always keep in mind.

  1. Be careful when considering coloring hair extensions. You will only be able to dye or color natural hair, meaning you should always ensure to check the composition of your weave or bundles before you make any plans.
  2. Be sure to look into recommended products you can wash your hair extensions with. There are a few conditioners and oils you can use to ensure that your hair lasts and lasts.
  3. Do go easy on heat. While it is tempting to constantly blow dry any kind of wet hair, the more heat you subject extensions to, the shorter they will last. You must make sure to carefully dry and straighten your extensions in line with your hair provider’s recommendations.
  4. Do start brushing hair extensions carefully. This is not a case of pulling a brush through tight knots and kinks. Your extensions are likely to be very sensitive. Therefore, the key is to be as gentle as possible. Try and opt for a soft, round brush or wide tooth comb. Carefully brush from your ends and tips through to the mid-sections once dry.
  5. You may also wish to tie or bundle up your hair carefully overnight, particularly after washing and drying. There are a handful of ways you can safely dry your hair after washing, and we will cover these points a little further down.
  6. Do not invest in any products for your hair you may be unsure about. Most leading hair care products will advise you whether or not you can safely use them with extensions and hair weaves. In most cases, you should avoid using any products which contain sulfates, and try to keep your treatments as natural as you can.
  7. You should always be sure that your hair is completely dry before you sleep. Otherwise, you may end up causing serious damage to your extensions in the long run.
  8. If you’d like to use curlers or styling tongs, you can! However, any hair products you use must be handled with gentle care. Once again, your hair extensions are going to be very sensitive.
  9. Depending on the hair extensions you choose, you may only be able to use specific curlers and tongs, as well as straighteners. This, again, is thanks to the heat and pressure on your hair. Natural hair extension bundles are likely going to start failing if you crank the temperature right up. Ensure to ask your provider for full details on what to expect.

Of course, this is just a brief taster of how to offer your new hair the TLC it deserves. Many people fall into bad routines with hair extensions. Crucially, you should be making sure to care for your extensions the way you care for your normal hair. Even more so, in fact, given that hair extensions can distort and break without careful oversight.

Can you wash your hair after extensions?

Yes! In fact, you should wash your hair up to three times per week after extensions. This, of course, helps to make doubly sure your style looks as radiant and as natural as it did the day you weaved it together. Human hair extensions are designed for regular washing. However, if you’re really unsure how to wash hair with extensions, here are a few tips to help you start.

  • Always brush your hair, carefully as advised above. Then, carefully soak or rinse your hair in warm water.
  • Then, be sure to carefully massage in your shampoo of choice. You must make sure you use hair extension aftercare products which are suitable for your style of weave.
  • You should massage from tip to root. You should also gently massage in circles around your scalp, too.
  • In fact, in some cases, you may wish to avoid massaging the ends at all. However, this will depend on your hair extension type, as well as the shampoo and products you actively use.
  • You may wish to gently massage appropriate conditioner into your hair at the mid-lengths and roots as you desire. This, again, may vary depending on the aftercare products you choose, as well as the extensions you have in place.
  • Do, of course, gently and thoroughly rinse your hair. Just as you might with your natural hair, be careful not to go too aggressive in the soak!

Do hair extensions thicken after washing?

Yes. After a few careful washes, your hair extensions will thicken and look more natural. This is all the more reason why it is important to wash your hair with extensions regularly. The more natural you want to keep your hair, the more you should wash it – within reason.

Overwashing your hair could do more damage than good. Effective aftercare is all about balance. Therefore, regardless of the styling tools and products you use, always follow instructions from your extensions or weave provider. Good practice is to condition and rinse your hair through a couple of times a week, but do not expect your hair to start gaining volume right away. You should also avoid the temptation to use too many products during the early phases.

Can I leave my hair extensions to dry naturally?

Yes! In fact, it’s likely to be the gentlest way to do so. As advised, the gentler you handle your hair during aftercare, the better. Leaving your hair to dry naturally may take time, but it will breed the best results for your extensions, too. You can bundle your hair up in a towel, if you wish. However, again, do make sure your hair is completely dry before you head to bed.

Good aftercare to keep in mind is to dab your hair dry if you can’t wait for it to drip off on its own. You might be keen to start styling, but do always give your hair the chance to dry through. You can also blow dry your hair and extensions. However, you must be careful to only use a low setting. As mentioned above, heat is likely to be your extensions’ worst enemy. Therefore, even if you want to get styling your hair as soon as possible, it’s probably best you be as careful as you possibly can.

Why is hair extensions aftercare so important?

Great hair extensions are only going to stay that way if you show them proper maintenance and styling. It’s tempting to care for your hair the same way you normally might! However, extensions are extra sensitive. Rushing into washing, conditioning and drying may cause serious damage.

Your hair is only ever going to look as good as you intend to. You can’t expect hair extensions to look fantastic on their own! be sure to stock up on natural products, soft, gentle brushes and recommended spray brands and conditioners. It’s tempting to try and save money on aftercare wherever possible. However, this is never a recommended option,

Therefore, do take exceptional care of your hair. Don’t be tempted to go too easy on it, but at the same time, don’t wash it so often that you lose that fantastic, lush, vibrant hair style you’ve always wanted. It’s essential to plan ahead to keep hair looking healthy.

Achieving the correct aftercare regime for your hair and extensions isn’t difficult. Pay attention to your hair provider’s advice, and start looking after wodnerful-looking natural hair for the months and years to come.

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