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Expert Tips for Hair Extensions Care

Getting Hair Extensions can be quite expensive, so you should take care of them to make them last as long as possible. Care of them isn’t tedious, but you do have to take more care with then than you would with your own natural hair.

Whether you get human extensions or synthetic extensions caring for them is pretty much the same, although synthetic hair can usually withstand more frequent washing and styling than human Hair Extensions.

Here are some tips from some stylists who specialize in Hair Extensions to help you take the best possible care of your expensive extensions:

Always Put Your Hair Up Before You Sleep

If you don’t take the time to put your up before you sleep each night you could end up with terrible tangles that will not only be painful to remove they could be expensive to fix if you need to get your extensions tightened as a result of combing the tangle out.

According to hair experts you should use a soft elastic band or scrunchie, not a tight ponytail holder, to put your hair in a loose bun before you go to sleep. Comb it out before you put it up, and then again when you take it down. A little leave in conditioner on the ends will prevent breakage while you sleep.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

The process of shampooing can easily loosen your extensions or trap chemical filled soap in the extensions which will damage them. Try to get by with shampooing your hair just once a week. Use a little dry shampoo during the week if your hair feels oily or greasy near the roots.

When you shampoo be extremely careful and gentle wherever your own hair is fused to the extension. Leave in conditioner is highly recommended for synthetic extensions and human Hair Extensions.

Keep The Heat To A Minimum

Even though you can style your extensions like your regular hair using a flatiron or a hot blow dryer everyday is not recommended for great Hair Extensions care.

If you must use styling tools that rely on heat use a heat proof styling product first to insulate the hair and make sure that you are using the lowest possible temperature you can use to get the result you want.

If you are using a hot curling hair apply ice to your hair and then use the curling iron to minimize damage and give you a better curl that will last a long time.

Get Your Extensions Tightened Regularly

You can wear the same extensions for up to six or eight months if you use these tips and practice great Hair Extensions care but you do have to get them tightened regularly.

When you color your hair you need to get the roots touched up regularly, and wearing extensions requires the same kind of commitment.

Extensions are a great way to make your hair looks thicker, fuller, longer and more lustrous but in order to keep them looking great they need regular Hair Extensions care.

Hair Extensions: What About You?

Do you have any tips or personal experience on Hair Extensions?

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