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How to Do a Big Chop on Relaxed Hair

Going natural is not something new. But more and more women are undergoing the big chop to embrace their natural hair. If you are thinking of getting rid of chemical treatments, doing the big chop can be a good thing for you. In this post, we are going to discuss how to do the big chop on relaxed hair. Keep reading!

Find Your Fit

It is very important to be clear about your goal. Before you begin the journey, think about the outcome. Think about what your hair will look like afterward. For some people, even the thought of big chopping is somewhat scary. But if you have already decided to do it, make sure you find the right person to get it done.

Find a stylist who shows interest in your hair goals. When your hair is curly and natural, you can choose a dry cut. Do not try to do it yourself. You may end up not paying attention to different curl patterns. One should be very careful when cutting wet or straight hair. The reason is simple: later on, the hair may look uneven.

Before you choose a stylist, read the reviews of her previous clients. Read some testimonials on their websites. You can also visit their social media pages. Thus you will know what you can expect from the service. The line of communication with the stylist should be clear.

Tell her precisely what style you want. Show her a sample photo of that particular style if needed. You have to be careful about another thing. Choose a stylist who has experience with natural hair.

Do not use natural hair lingo. Just describe your expectations in simple words. It is good to show her a picture of the exact style. By doing a little bit of research online, you can find a picture.

What to Do With the Relaxed Hair

To learn how to do the big chop on relaxed hair, it is important to know what to do with the relaxed hair. There are basically two options. You can either cut the relaxed hair into a style or simply cut off the relaxed ends.  

A big chop hairstyle can be a natural, cute hairstyle. It has a flip side. You may end up losing some hair that has grown since the last relaxer. If you want to grow long hair, most probably you will have to go through an awkward stage.

The second option is to cut off the relaxed hair. This way you will be able to keep the hair that has grown since the last relaxer. This second option does not allow you to cut your hair into a particular shape or style. However, your natural curls have an automatic shape, and you will have this shape.

Take Baby Steps

The big chop does not have to be super drastic. It is in fact a gradual process. Depending on the type of hair and your hair goals, you may want to cut only a little part at a time. It is good to start with the long layers. Then, keep the long layers around and frame your face. At the same time, it is important to keep the lengths along the sides and in the back.

If going super short is not your goal, you can create bangs and “fake” the big chop. By chopping some long bangs, you will have an illusion of doing the big chop. However, others will notice this change. You are still doing the big chop; you are just doing it gradually.

Choose a Muse

Take your face shape into consideration when styling your hair. You also have to consider the growth of your hair and the silhouette of your cut. If you do not have time for maintenance, you may like a short haircut.

It will be relatively easy and liberating. In this situation, no cut is right or wrong, because you are paying attention to the health of your hair. But make sure you are realistic and embrace your particular texture. When cutting your hair, balancing the growth is the key

Hydrate Your Hair

Once you have figured out how to do the big chop on relaxed hair and done it, do not forget to hydrate your hair. Even if your hair is short, it is susceptible to damage. So, make sure you take care of your hair. Hydrate and moisturize it. You can use a high-quality moisturizer. You can mix jojoba and coconut oils with the conditioner.

Get Trims Frequently

It may sound like a lot of maintenance, but it is not. You can deal with the awkward stage with the help of a bimonthly or monthly cut. To keep hair fresh and clean, make sure you cut it every couple of weeks.

If you are not going for a mullet, avoid it. Although it is a good style, most people do not like it. In case of a drastic change, avoid getting a mullet.

Have a Different Approach to Wash Day

Many products contain sulfates and silicones, and they can dehydrate your hair. Make sure you avoid these products. Use conditioners and cleansers with the right amount of moisture. There are products aimed at particular hair types.

If you have curly hair, it needs intense hydration. Do not put terry-cloth towels on your hair. These towels can cause frizz because the fibers are rough. So, use towels with softer fibers. A microfiber towel and be a good choice.

Consider the LOC Method

Using the right products is not enough. To enhance the texture, use a curly cocktail. The L.O.C. method is getting popular these days, partly because it works pretty well.

Your natural texture will shine if you have short hair. Choose your hair products before your hair grows long. To prevent dryness, the L.O.C. method works pretty well. It basically works by sealing moisture.

Avoid Using Hair Color and Heat

Check the temptation to experiment with the new texture. Excessive color and heat can compromise your curl pattern. Try your best to keep your hair healthy when it is growing. If you really want to experiment with color and heat, talk to an expert before doing it. Remember it if you are interested in learning how to do the big chop on relaxed hair.

Enjoy the Journey!

For some people, going natural is an amazing experience. This natural hair journey can be satisfying and empowering. Once you have a great experience, you will not relax your hair again.

The big chop gives you almost immediate gratification. You no longer have to wait for your hair to grow. This immediate gratification makes the big chop such an appealing option.

The big chop can even make you feel like a superstar or celebrity. There are not many big chop hairstyles, but your new style will be viewed as something bold.

Once you have done the big chop, products will work better on your hair. This is a great advantage of big chopping. When you have only natural hair, you will understand the effects of products in a better way.

Also, you could read about if hair grows faster after the big chop.

How to Do the Big Chop on Relaxed Hair – Conclusion

We have discussed the ins and outs of the procedure, and we hope now you know how to do the big chop on relaxed hair. Embracing your hair in its natural state can be a powerful feeling. Your new hairstyle is a badge of courage, confidence, and fierceness.


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