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How to Color Bundles in 6 Easy Steps

Adding color to your hair bundles make it vigorous and gorgeous. If you fancy colored hair weaves, I am sure you’ve at one time nursed the idea of personalizing the hair dying process.

You know how it feels getting all-black hair weaves and modifying them to your liking. In changing your virgin hair extensions color, it would be critical you observe the right rules and protocols.

Want to know how to color bundles without risking damage to your hair? Stick around and we’ll walk you through it step by step!

How to Color Bundles – Essential Supplies

Collect all of the supplies outlined below before you start.

  • High-quality applicator bottle
  • Premium safety gloves
  • Developer
  • Hair dye
  • The hair bundles

Things to Know When Buying These Supplies

To start, identify the best hair bundles perfect for the kind of hairstyle you want to wear. It’s your decision to make on whether to buy clip-ins, virgin human hair bundles, or wigs. If you want something that will last, avoid synthetic hairs.

Once you’ve settled for the best hair bundles, decide which color palette will work for you. First-timers would be safer with subtle shades. If you’ve tested and confirmed the waters, look for warm browns, cool highlights, platinum highs, natural brown, or pastel hues.

Ensure the safety gloves fit you well, and the applicator bottle is enough for the project at hand. Buy high-quality hair developer from trusted brands or manufacturers.

How to Color Bundles – Decide Which Color Method to Consider

Now, decide which color method will work for you. You’ve got several options to choose from.

  1. Box color—this is a DIY method that is fun, quick, and easy. You can order it from any online beauty store or at your local store. Box color offers a semi-permanent color that works well for different hair bundles. It’s the best color method if you want to achieve a natural look. The box contains a color mixture, instructions, after-conditioner, and gloves.
  2. Bleaching—this is the next color method for you. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to lighten up their dark hair bundles. Bleaching works by cleaning off the natural pigment of your hair. It does so by smashing the keratin with the developer to adjust the bleaching for you to realize the best shade.
  3. Water coloring –this is the last color method. It involves soaking the hair bundles in a hot bucket filled with hair coloring and hot water. It’s a fast and efficient method that’s perfect for DIYers and professionals alike.

Decide on the Coloring Technique

Don’t confuse between coloring method and coloring technique as they are two different things altogether. The coloring technique is all about the hair coloring style. You’ve so many hair bundle coloring techniques to consider, including two-tone coloring, full-hair coloring, ombre root coloring, highlights, and balayage. For beginners, full-hair and ombre techniques will be the ultimate solutions for you. Learn some basics about the coloring technique you would prefer using to avoid disappointments.

Bleach Your Hair Bundles

The next step into coloring is bleaching your hair bundle. Set your hair the same way you do while blow-drying or styling. You may want to use clips to position the hair bundles ready for coloring.

Next, read the product instructions. All hair bleaching solutions don’t have the same instructions. The instructions on how to mix the developer and bleach will vary from one product to the other. Start the mixing process by mixing one bleach part with two developer parts. Regardless of the color, you aim to achieve, ensure you follow the mixing instructions properly. Keep on stirring the mixture until you achieve a smooth solution.

Now start the bleaching process. Not paying attention to the bleaching process could only mean one thing—you will mess up and not achieve the desired shade. You should be quick on handling the bleaching because doing it wrongly will leave some strands colored and others not colored. It would be great you start applying the bleach from the ends as they take longer to bleach.

Once you’ve successfully bleached the hair, allow it the time to relax as outlined in the instructions before you rinse. Keep checking the hair color while bleaching until you achieve your desired color concentration.

Use the Bleaching Toner

Once you’ve successfully rinsed the bleaching solution, shampoo it properly. Now, apply your preferred toner. Use either toner shampoo, warm tone, or yellow tone based on your preferences.

Watercolor Bleaching

As we mentioned earlier, watercolor bleaching is fun and easy to apply. It’s simply as easy as dumping the hair bundles into a pot full of hot water containing water coloring.

Observe as the hair bundles absorb the coloring matter, and remove them once they achieve your desired concentration.

Condition Your Hair After Coloring

Whichever hair coloring technique you employ, you must pre-condition your hair after coloring. The pre-conditioning process is as easy as letting your preferred deep condition sit on the colored hair bundles under a shower cap or dryer.

Letting it there for some time enables it to soften and gain its natural integrity back.

Maintain the Hair Coloring

You can’t just relax because you have colored and styled your hair bundles. Consult with your hairstylist to know which post-color products would work best for your hair type.

There are so many of these products readily available, so it’s great you know which ones are suitable for you. If your skin is very sensitive, don’t choose highly concentrated products with harsh chemical ingredients.

You could also read about what a hair weave is.

How to Color Bundles – Conclusion

You’ve now seen how to color bundles and mastered the post-maintenance tips. It’s time to rock yourself with the smartest and the trendiest hairstyles.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to maintain your hair bundles as that may trigger irritation on your skin.

Don’t color the hair when it is still on your head as you may end up coloring your skin in the process. But of course, we’ve got your back if you have any accidents with our guide on how to remove hair dye from skin.

Don’t forget to match your hair color with your dress code to stand out among the crowd. Or don’t…and stand out even further! It’s totally up to you. 

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