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How to Wash Brazilian Hair Extensions in 9 Steps

As you can imagine, Brazilian hair is going to need special care and attention once it’s in place. If you want to keep a human hair weave looking and smelling great, you’re going to need to use the right shampoo and understand how to wash your Brazilian hair.

It’s more common than you might think for people to avoid learning how to wash weaves! You should treat your Brazilian hair much like you do your natural hair and style.

No matter the Brazilian hair bundles you buy and use, you’re going to need to apply a little care and attention to keep them looking spectacular.

Of course, the aim is to make sure your Brazilian hair bundles don’t look like bundles at all!

The good news is that regular wash routines should only take you 15 minutes or more.

In this post, I take you through why you should learn to wash your weave and extensions and then give you a simple 9 steps guide to follow for cleaning Brazilian hair weave extensions with shampoo, conditioner and more!

Why Should I Learn How to Wash Brazilian Hair?

Simple – your Brazilian hair bundles are going to need regular cleaning to keep looking fresh, clean, and natural.

Some people may avoid washing Brazilian hair extensions simply because they don’t know how to. Or, they might even assume that human hair bundles don’t need washing at all! This really isn’t the case.

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For one thing, you must make sure you wash your hair regularly to ensure that it is hygienic to clip in (or whichever method of weave you’re using) and wear. While your Brazilian hair extensions might look spectacular, these are hair bundles which have still been taken from other people!

It’s gross to think about for more than a split second, but what if the hair bundles you attach weren’t clean in the first place? With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about how to wash Brazilian hair at home.

That is, unless you want to spend a lot of money going back and forth to the salon!

What Can I Use to Wash My Brazilian Hair?

It’s good to have a few tools and human hair products to hand which you can use to help wash your hair bundles and weaves in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Firstly, you should always have a few sturdy hair brushes, combs and scissors to hand. No – you may not need scissors every time you wash hair bundles, but it is worth keeping them to hand in case you have to deal with pesky split ends.

You may also wish to keep a towel or two to hand if you want to pat your hair dry. However, many people choose to air dry – and we will come to this stage of the process a little further down in our guide.

You should, of course, also invest in shampoo and conditioner to wash Brazilian hair. This goes without saying in most cases, however, as there are some people who are unsure about washing hair bundles at all, it bears repeating.

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We’re not going to use this guide to recommend specific brands of shampoo and conditioner to you, but we would generally advise you to look for a shampoo that moisturises, and an everyday conditioner.

Make sure to ask your salon stylist for tips, too. But you don’t have to buy into any premium products they might have to hand (they’re often not the best products, but expensive and pay the salon well for selling them!)

Of course, warm water is a must when learning how to wash Brazilian hair, or when learning how to wash weave attachments at all – but we’ll talk about that below.

9 Steps – How to Wash Brazilian Hair at Home

Here are the steps you need to follow when learning how to wash Brazilian hair at home.

  1. Firstly, you’re going to ideally need to straighten out your hair, and this is easily done with a comb, providing it has wide teeth.
  2. Make sure to segment your hair, with one bundle down your back, and one pointing down to the front. The process of getting your hair untangled might take some time depending on how long it has been since you last cared for your hair weave. That’s why it makes sense to start washing your hair properly from the get-go!
  3. Use a downward motion to soak your hair – but NOT your hair weave – in warm water, which you should ideally have to hand in a bowl. However, you can also use a shower head.
  4. It’s important to avoid soaking your hair extensions as this might help to loosen any glue you have in place.
  5. Then, be sure to start applying shampoo – the moisturising kind – to your hair in a similar fashion.
  6. You’re going to need to ensure that your Brazilian hair weave lathers up at this point. Keep repeating the process until this is the case. Try and look for specific shampoo that is formulated with weaves and hair bundles in mind.
  7. Then, as you might expect, you need to rinse out all the shampoo. Don’t leave anything behind!
  8. It’s then time to apply conditioner. Carefully apply this throughout and leave to work for up to 15 minutes. This may vary from product to product, of course, but do be careful to match up a conditioner with a shampoo for the best results.
  9. Once conditioned for the time allotted above, rinse through and then dry off. Some people choose to air dry a weave, but you’re ideally going to need to ensure your hair is thoroughly dry to avoid any musty smells.


Learning how to wash a weave really isn’t hard. Brazilian hair is stunning, and it would be a huge shame to let it go to waste!

If you’re looking for the best shampoo and conditioner for Brazilian weave bundles, be sure to ask your stylist or salon owner for advice and guidance. Or, why not read verified reviews online?

Ultimately, it’s important to keep human hair bundles clean. Treat them just as you would your normal hair – with respect and careful conditioning.

You should wash your weave regularly – and again, you’re going to need to check with a stylist, or a manufacturer, to find out just how often this should be. Above all, don’t leave your extensions to fester.

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