Indian Remy

If you spend enough time looking at different human hair and synthetic hair extension sites and products, you will come across a multitude of different terms and phrases. Terms like Remy, Virgin and Human hair are all commonly used. What do they mean? We are not surprised if you are new to hair extensions and find it all a little confusing.

On the following page we hope to take a lot of the confusion and misunderstanding out of knowing the difference between what is virgin hair and what is Remy hair.

First things first, let’s explain what Remy hair is.


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What is Indian Remy hair?

All the different terms for seemingly similar things is what can cause a lot of confusion for people in the market for human hair extensions. Indian Remy hair extensions are hair extensions of the highest quality.

It is not synthetic. However, compared to virgin hair, Remy hair, hence its name, is specially processed to ensure it keeps its natural color with a nice luster and softness. Like virgin hair it is taken directly from the scalp with the cuticles completely intact. As part of the collecting process it is ensured they all strands and cuticles are facing and flowing in the right direction and are free from tangles or matting.

As it is Indian, it means each bundle or product comes from a single donor in India. The hair is sold to manufacturers by temple overseers who collect donated hair from worshippers who wish to sacrifice their hair to their god. The temple overseers receive money for the hair and use that money for the good of the local community.

Indian hair is highly sought after for its light and airy consistency and that extraordinary natural bounce it has.

What is the difference between Remy and human hair?

Both virgin Indian hair extensions and Indian Remy extensions are 100% human. The only real difference is, as pointed out above, Remy hair is hair that has been either bleached, permed or dyed by the donor to keep it looking good. Whereas virgin or what is often advertised as human hair is not processed in any way shape or form, either with steam, bleach or other chemicals.

Is virgin hair better than Remy?

We have already discussed the differences. When it comes down to whether virgin hair is better than Remy hair extensions, it is very much a matter of opinion and preference, we think. Sure, virgin hair carries with it the benefit of not being processed, dyed bleached in any way. That means it is hair in its purest form. It also means it will last longer and has a more natural look.

That’s not to say you should so readily dismiss Remy hair extensions. They are a lot more affordable for one thing. If you are prone to using treatments in your hair a lot already and intend on doing it with Remy hair extensions, this won’t be a problem.