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Malaysian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair – What’s the Difference & Which is Best?

In this post, we want to discuss what each hair extension variety is like, as well as the various pros and cons of both Malaysian hair vs Brazilian hair.

Once we’ve discussed these facts, you will be able to make a more informed choice of which is best for you to have you looking your more fabulous!

What are Malaysian Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, Malaysian hair extensions come from Malaysian hair donors and are much heavier/thicker than the Brazilian variety.

They are also regarded as the most voluminous and bold style of hair extension. They have a very natural silky soft feel to them and nice lustre.

Malaysian Hair Extension Pros

There are many benefits that come from investing in Malaysian hair extensions, including:

  • Naturally very straight, so best if you are looking for bone straight hair
  • Due to its heavy consistency and density, curled Malaysian hair lasts longer than alternatives
  • This hair is naturally very straight and black
  • Perfect choice if you are looking for hair with a lot of volume and thickness

Malaysian Hair Extensions Cons

There are also several downsides to Malaysian hair you should be aware of, including:

  • The bone straight variety of this hair extension is so straight, you may find it hard to blend it with naturally curly hair veins. S0 if you’re of African decent like I am, it’s tricky hair to blend.
  • As Malaysian hair has a fuller and denser consistency, it can look very dry if you don’t look after it properly.
  • It’s not as versatile as Brazilian hair
  • It’s only available really in natural black colouring

Some of the most popular options include the Malaysian virgin hair body wave, Malaysian straight and Malaysian deep wave extensions.

Malaysian wavy hair extensions are a great choice for women with Afro-Caribbean or African heritage.

It’s a good idea if you are interested in achieving a curly hair look – consider buying Malaysian bundles and building up the look.

Malaysian curly hair is coarse and thick and has a luxurious, but very tight pattern.

You need to be careful when working with Malaysian hair extensions, regardless of the weave, as you can easily damage the cuticles if you try to curl them too tightly with curling irons.

Hopefully, that’s given you a broader insight into the world of Malaysian hair. Let’s move on to Brazilian hair

What are Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Again, self-explanatory, but worth reiterating, Brazilian hair extensions consist of hair donated by Brazilian women.

This is by far, incidentally, the most popular hair extension variety used in South Africa.

Brazilian hair extensions are known for their natural lustre and shine, along with that durable, thick and soft consistency.

Brazilian Hair Extensions Pros

Similarly, to Malaysian hair extensions, there are various benefits from investing in Brazilian hair as your extension of choice, including:

  • As noted above, it’s very durable and can last a very long time, if you look after it properly.
  • It’s a very versatile choice of extension that will blend well with just about any ethnic hair vein.
  • Available in a wide range of natural, very beautiful colours
  • Highly resistant to the harmful parts of the sun’s rays, even when exposed uncovered for long periods of time

Brazilian Hair Extensions Cons

Brazilian hair is a popular choice, we’re not here to debate that. However, there are some downsides:

  • Even the straight Brazilian hair extensions tend to have a little kink or wave in them, so they are not the best if you are looking for bone straight hair.
  • You can easily find Brazilian hair extensions in curly, wavy and straight textures, as it is extremely versatile and durable.

So, Malaysian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair, which is Best?

Now we’ve discussed exactly what Brazilian and Malaysian hair extensions are, their various pros and cons, we are in a better position to decide which is best. The truth is, hair extensions, like many other parts of your look, are a personal choice.

If you opt for virgin hair extensions in either variety, you will have great looking hair. Although you do need to take into consideration your own natural hair type and style. Also think about what you are looking to achieve from the hair extensions.

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Are you looking for coarse and thick hair? Then Brazilian hair wins out.

However, if you want softer and wavier hair, Malaysian hair extensions will be a better fit.

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