Malaysian Hair Bundles

In the market for virgin hair extensions? Not sure which hair bundles to choose? Then we are hear to help. Particularly if you have a growing interest in Malaysian hair. Although it is not nearly as popular just yet as Indian or Brazilian, it is gaining traction every year.

How can you tell if it’s right for you? Is it better than Brazilian or Peruvian? Find out more about Malaysian hair and the answer to these questions in the post below.

Is Malaysian hair better than Brazilian hair?

Given how popular Brazilian hair is right now, it is worth comparing any alternative human hair with it. Malaysian weave, as we noted at the outset, is becoming increasingly popular. How does it fair against Brazilian, is it better?

We always feel the same when answering these questions – there really isn’t one hair type that is better than the other. If it is virgin hair and matches with your own hair type well, that will be the best for you.

Having said that, in terms of their attributes, Malaysian virgin hair is known to have a natural shine to it that you don’t have with Brazilian hair as much. It is also much softer than the thicker and coarser Brazilian weave. Malaysian hair, when wet, develops a natural wave. While Brazilian tends to be favored for its versatility.

What are you looking for? A wavy and soft hair? Then Malaysian virgin hair is best for you, whereas if you want something a bit thicker with more volume and suitable for a wider variety of styles, then Brazilian is best.

Is Malaysian hair good hair?

Again, the answer to this question will depend on several important considerations and what your personal preference and need is. Any hair type, whether it’s Malaysian, Brazilian or Peruvian, is of a high quality and worth investing in, especially if it is virgin hair or raw hair.

What is Malaysian hair?

Malaysian hair, as you may have guessed, is hair taken from people around the South Asian area, who are native to Malaysia. If it is virgin hair, it is unprocessed and 100% natural and usually taken from one donor. If the term virgin or even raw is not used, however, it means you could be getting lower quality, but cheaper Malaysian hair that has been processed in some way to lengthen its lifespan.

Characteristics that make Malaysian hair stand out include its almost-black, deep brown color that at first has a highly lustrous and shiny appearance. This washes out in time, though not completely. It is also very easy to maintain and holds curls well and is softer in texture than many of the other popular options. That doesn’t stop it from being thick and voluminous though.

Many people have looked to it as an effective and attractive alternative to Indian and Chinese hair.

Whats better Peruvian or Malaysian hair?

Again, the answer to whether one hair type is better than another, in this case Peruvian or Malaysian, it is less about one being better than the other in general and more about one being better than the other for you specifically.

Malaysian hair weave tends to be thick and heavy compared to Peruvian, which means it holds curls better. Whereas if you are looking for hair that is softer and offers a more natural look, but won’t hold curls nearly as well, Peruvian is best. Similarly, if you want nice wavy hair, then Malaysian is better than Peruvian.