Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre is one of the biggest hair color trends of the last 20 years, that first came to prominence when Britney Spears was seen rocking a do dyed with a subtle, sexy and stylish gradual fade that started with black roots that got lighter along the tips. Twenty years later and it is still as popular with everyone from Beyoncé and Nicole Kidman to trendsetters like Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung.

If you are looking for a cool new style that requires little maintenance, ombre is worth considering. Before you click to purchase any of the great products we have for sale, though, we wanted to explain in a bit more detail what it is. There also appears to be a lot of confusion over whether this and balayage are the same thing.

Maybe you are not interested in dying your hair. This could be because you don’t want to go through the hassle or simply don’t want to put your hair through all that potential trauma. Whatever the reasons, we can help you out with a simple and effective guide to creating the same effect using extensions.

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what is ombre hair?

Ombre originates from France. ‘Om-bray’ as the word is pronounced properly means ‘shaded’. Although used to describe dye that involved the color of the hair lightening gradually from darker tones to lighter tones, this has expanded to encompass a variety of techniques, such as fading from the natural color at the roots into a more outlandish color at the hair tips.

As we noted, there is a huge misconception and whether it is the same technique as balayage, with just a different name.

The simple answer is while balayage is just a highlighting technique, ombre is a complete coloring technique.

how to create ombre with extensions

It may be that you are looking for an easier way to achieve the look without putting your existing hair through too much. One of the easiest ways to do this is by dyeing virgin hair extensions.


Follow our detailed but simple tutorial.

Items You Need

  • Home dye kit
  • Hair extensions, clip in style
  • Mixing bowl
  • Tinting brush

As you are only able to dye virgin hair extensions 2 shades darker than their original color and are not able to bleach, we would recommend dying blonde extensions by coloring the top parts of darker wefts instead of lighter ends.

  1. First things first, make sure you have everything you need in place before starting. That includes the above, ensuring the color is right and that you have a mixing bowl and the tinting brush.
  2. Start by applying dye to the upper half of your weft, working down from top to the middle. Use the tinting brush do it this way to ensure you work in-between each of the strands of hair to cover the upper half totally.
  3. After you have finished painting the extensions, follow the directions outlined on the hair dye kit to leave the dye to successfully color it.
  4. You now need to condition your dyed hair extensions using the conditioner that came with the kit. Ensure each strand is coated to the very end. This will stop the hair dye from running towards the ends. Then wash the dye and conditioner out using the shampoo and make sure you rinse thoroughly.
  5. After you have finished conditioning, washing and rinsing the hair, leave your wefts to dry out naturally.