Peruvian Hair Bundles

Have you noticed that the human hair market, whether you are looking for remy hair, virgin human hair, unprocessed virgin hair of any length, type weight or price that there is a growing number of products from different parts of the world?

One you may have come across that is growing in popularity and is known for its excellent qualities in terms of hair color, type, texture and overall look is Peruvian hair. What is Peruvian hair and how does it compare to the likes of Malaysian and Brazilian hair?

That’s what we discuss in the following post.


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What is Peruvian hair made of?

Virgin Peruvian hair extensions, as you could probably hazard a guess at, come from donors who are native to the south American country of Peru. If it is 100% natural virgin Peruvian hair you are investing in, it will come from manufacturers and suppliers who source it from single human donors around the country. If it is virgin hair it will be unprocessed either by bleach, steam or other chemicals.

It is one of the most popular hair weave products available right now and is famous for its versatile look and nutritious texture and shiny luster. Peruvian weave has a much thicker and coarser feel than many of the other best hair extensions and although it will blend well with your original hair regardless of your nationality, it tends to mix the best with Caucasian and African American hair.

Considering how lightweight it actually is, it is amazing just how much volume it provides.

Is Malaysian or Peruvian hair better?

Another hugely popular virgin hair type is Malaysian. When faced with the choice of a various hair type, you may be left wondering which is best. We would argue that both Malaysian and Peruvian virgin hair have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, whether one is better than the other is more about personal preference than anything else.

For instance, whereas Malaysian wavy hair is not considered as thick or heavy compared to Peruvian hair but has a beautiful shine and silky texture to it. It is also less coarse but will still hold the style you give it in most conditions and environments. It is particularly suited to women with Afro-Caribbean or African heritage.

If you are looking for a wavy and soft hair, Malaysian is best, whereas if you are looking for something more voluminous and coarser, choose virgin Peruvian hair bundles.

What’s the difference between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair?

Given that Peruvian and Brazilian hair are both incredibly popular, you may be torn between the two. To help you separate them and decide which is right for you, let’s discuss the main differences.

Brazilian hair weaves are known for their coarse and thick texture; however, Peruvian weaves tend to be much coarser and thicker still, but with a light and feathery feel. Brazilian hair is also known for its versatility and comes in a variety of different textures, including curly, straight and wavy. While Peruvian tends to have a natural curl to it.

Is Peruvian hair more expensive than Brazilian?

This is obviously a very important question. Despite the growing popularity of Peruvian hair and the fact that it is beginning to dominate as much of the market as Brazilian hair, it is still rare and therefore you will find that Peruvian hair bundles, especially when you opt for 100% virgin hair, are more expensive than their Brazilian counterparts.