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Procerin Review: Does It Work for Hair Loss in Men? A Detailed Look

Many men and women alike go through the process of losing hair at some point. The feeling can be quite devastating and that’s when your search for a procerin review as a solution might begin.

Studies show that men are more prone to hair loss than women. The male hair mostly tends to start falling around the age of 30, but sometimes way earlier!

Luckily, nowadays, there are varieties of hair loss products available in the market for men. Procerin is one such product that claims to guarantee the prevention of hair loss.

In this review, we will help you learn about Procerin, the ingredients, whether it works or not and what people have been saying about Procerin (we’ll look at independent customer reviews later too so keep reading).

What Is Procerin?

Procerin is a solution for the hair loss problem among men. It is a clinically proven and formulated product especially made for men to prevent hair loss.

procerin tablets and foamThe product comes in two forms – supplement bottles and topical scalp foam. You can also use Procerin shampoo available in the market.

Most men lose hair caused by various factors, including age, genetics, environment, and diet. This common hair loss or thinning hair among men is known as male pattern baldness. It is also called androgenic alopecia.

Due to the presence of excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in most males, it prevents the nutrients from entering the hair follicles. Thus, it causes the hair to stop growing.

The Procerin ensures to help slow down the process of hair loss and increase new hair growth. It provides essential nutrients to your scalp that stimulates your hair to grow. In addition, it rejuvenates your hair follicles as well as keeps your scalp healthy.

Procerin is a formula made of natural ingredients. It is suitable for younger men aged 18 to 35 years as well as older men suffering from hair loss.

Who is Procerin Suitable For?

While Procerin guarantees hair loss prevention, this product is not suitable for anyone. The Saw Palmetto is indeed an effective supplement component present in Procerin, yet it mostly works for men only.

Furthermore, people recovering from surgeries need to avoid using Procerin as it may slow down blood clotting.

It is also advisable that breastfeeding and pregnant women stay clear of this product. Although, it will not be much of a concern since this hair growth formula is specifically for men.

Procerin does not work for women or teenage girls. The product is for curing hair loss, which occurs due to the presence of hormone DHT.

Women do not have this hormone testosterone issue, and they suffer hair loss for other reasons. However, we believe that Procerin is working on the development of hair care products for women as well.

Does Procerin Work For Hair Loss?

Procerin ensures the effectiveness of each of its ingredients. It also claims of preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. However, there is no clinical evidence about some of the ingredients in stopping hair fall or hair thinning.

The product’s proprietary blend has Pumpkin seed, Eleuthero root, Nettles, Muira Puma Root, Uva Ursi, and Gotu Kola. Also, the ingredients include Magnesium, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, and Vitamin B6.

Some ingredients like Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc do not have the ability to prevent hair loss. It does not seem to increase hair growth either.

However, Procerin states that Saw Palmetto fights in the prevention of hair loss by stopping the production of DHT.

According to a study, consuming 320 mg of Saw Palmetto every day increases hair growth. It does treat male pattern baldness.

Therefore, just as the company claims, Procerin with the presence of Saw Palmetto does seem to be an effective hair loss solution.

What Are The Ingredients in Procerin?

Now that we have covered the basics about Procerin and how it works, it is time to look at the ingredients.

Both the tablet and the foam formula consist of vitamins, minerals, and herbal compounds.

For instance, Procerin topical solution contains ingredients such as avocado oil, peppermint oil, castor oil, and saw palmetto extract. Some other components are water, Niacin, zinc sulfate, evening primrose oil, and grape seed extract.

On the other hand, Procerin supplements contain 17 ingredients in total. Some of the key ingredients are:

  • Saw Palmetto Berries

Almost all hair growth products consist of saw palmetto since it is known to increase hair growth. The Saw Palmetto berries help in the blockage of 5 alpha-reductase enzymes responsible for the conversion from testosterone into DHT. This has been proven in studies

  • Eleuthero Root

Some state that the Eleuthero roots may be helpful in treating hair loss. It also helps in reducing the stress hormones, which causes hair thinning.

  • Pumpkin Seed

The oil extracted from the pumpkin seed seems to affect both testosterone as well as the androgen levels in the body. The pumpkin seed oil consists of a rare amino acid that may be helpful in hair growth.

  • Gotu Kola

This ingredient helps in the thickening of the epidermis and also restoring hair growth. Many people who use Gotu Kola have experienced an improvement in hair length and density.

  • Muira Puma Root

This root ingredient is known to be helpful in balancing hormones, relieving stress, boosting virility, and improving health. It also promotes hair growth by increasing the circulation of blood in your scalp.

There are many other natural ingredients, including Vitamin B6, calcium, Nettles, zinc sulfate, Panax and Epanax ginseng extract, etc.

Is Procerin Safe and are There Any Side Effects?

As mentioned, the Procerin products are clinically proven and well researched, produced from natural ingredients. They, therefore, seem to be safe to consume.

Even so, there are no such supplement ingredients that have no side effects.

High dosage of Zinc may make you nauseous, while calcium can cause stomach discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, and even abdominal cramps.

Taking an excessive amount of Vitamin B6 can also be quite toxic. Therefore, you need to make sure you do not take any extra vitamin B6 supplements while taking Procerin.

Excessive intake of magnesium can also lead to diarrhea or stomach aches.

If you face this issue, you can take the Procerin pill with food which should ease the discomfort.

There are also some cases of individuals having problems with decreased sex drive or libido.

Also, the Procerin scalp therapy foam may cause skin irritation in some men having sensitive skin. In such a case, use the foam only once per day to prevent the irritation.

Overall, Procerin seems safe to consume or use since it is an all-natural ingredients product. It does not have many side effects as compared to other hair care supplements and products.

What do Customer Reviews of Procerin Say?

When you look for a Procerin review, you can find them all over the internet. Reviews come from different users on various sites with different experiences and results.

Since we can potentially get into trouble with copyright for just pasting these reviews on to our site, we’ve collected and summarized all of the reviews for you from the major platforms including Amazon, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot (and other independent review aggregators), YouTube, Blogs and more.

What you need to be aware of when reading any reviews from YouTube or blogs, is the intention of the reviewer.

Most of the time, they are promoting the product for a commission so it’s not easy to tell whether the review is legit or not. Reviews from verified purchasers are often more realistic.

That’s why we collect every review, positive or negative to help you make the best decision.

Here’s what we found when putting all of these reviews together:

  • Some users have used Procerin for many years and have had their hair grow back. They give the product a five-star rating with a promise of re-purchase and recommend it to others as well.
  • On the other hand, some customers give a one-star review. They state that Procerin does not work or show any improvements after using it for 3 months. Some reviews were even left wondering if Procerin was a scam.
  • While it is normal that not every product works for everyone, most Procerin reviews seem to be quite positive. Many users were satisfied with the purchase.
  • It works best for people suffering from hair loss due to excessive DHT levels.
  • Customers who get positive results are mostly those who strictly follow expert advice – as in they know the cause of their hair loss – and they follow instructions.
  • Some claimed that using Procerin and Rogaine together got them a faster result.
  • Some Procerin reviews claimed growing their hair back after a short period of time with no side effects.

After reading through review after review, we found that because Procerin is a natural, herbal hair product, you can expect regrowth of hair, but cannot expect a miracle or a quick improvement as it will take time.

Patience seems to key with most successful users.

The Pros And Cons Of Procerin

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Procerin, which will help you decide if it is worth purchasing.


  • Procerin claims a success rate of 88% for men suffering from androgenic alopecia.
  • Saw Palmetto blocks the elevated DHT levels, which is the main reason for male pattern baldness.
  • Other ingredients present in Procerin help elevate your mood, support testosterone, and reduce your stress.
  • Procerin ensures a refund, 90-day risk-free and money back guarantee.
  • Procerin contains high-quality components that are safe for our bodies.
  • No sexual side-effects, unlike some medications, such as Finasteride.
  • Apparently safe to consume alongside other hair loss tablets or prescriptions (but always double check with your Doctor).


  • Apart from Saw Palmetto, other proprietary blend does not seem to have any benefits in hair growth.
  • Finasteride, absent in Procerin, may be more effective than Saw Palmetto.
  • Most men suffer from male pattern baldness due to DHT. However, that is not the only reason for hair loss. Some other causes are infections, diseases, nutrition deficiencies, or even stress and psychological reasons. Hence, Procerin will be of no benefit to some men in these cases.

Where to Purchase Procerin?

Procerin products are cost-effective. You can easily order it from its official website procerin.com or other online sites such as eBay or amazon.com. You can even contact their customer service or mail them on their email address.

It is possible to purchase the package in combinations that contain both the Hair Regrowth Complex and XT Foam. You can get a month supply combo pack for the price of $49.99.

If you are interested in buying only the Hair Regrowth Complex capsules, it costs $26.95 for one month supply. They also provide a 3 month supply at the price of $69.95 and $119.95 for 6 month supply.

One month supply of XT Scalp Therapy Foam is $36.95. A three month supply is for $89.95, and a six month supply for the cost of $159.95.

Additionally, the manufacturer and retailers provide shipping to different countries. For international deliveries, the price starts at $11.95, and for the United States, the delivery cost is $5.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers wishing to know more about Procerin may have some queries. So here, we will answer some top and frequently asked questions about the Procerin products.

Q: Does Procerin work for receding hairline?

A: The answer is yes. Procerin is an excellent hair loss treatment for receding hair line caused by excessive DHT levels.

Q: What is Procerin?

A: Procerin is a hair loss product manufactured from all-natural ingredients, without any toxic substances. Its capsules are easy to take, and you will get them without any prescription. Procerin has high recommendations, considered one of the best hair loss solutions that strengthen your hair cells.

A plus point is all ingredients of Procerin comply with The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety requirements.

Q: What is a DHT blocker?

A: DHT blockers, also known as 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors, is a medication that assists in blocking DHT. It also helps in scalp hair loss treatments and also enlarged prostate.

Q: How can I regrow my receding hairline?

A: Medications such as Procerin slows down hair loss in men and promote hair regrowth. Apart from that, an additional treatment you can follow is to massage your scalp regularly. It increases the flow of blood to the receded areas of your scalp as well as strengthens your hair health.

Our Conclusion on Procerin

If you are concerned about your hair loss and want to experience new hair growth, Procerin seems to be a good choice.

It is worth considering seeing as the products are all-natural herbs and free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, Procerin products seem to be fairly reasonable and cost-effective.

The thing to remember is that it hasn’t worked for everyone because hair loss can be caused by a number of issues, though it treats the most common issue which is hair loss from DHT.

We have listed everything you need to know regarding the product in this review. It is now up to you to decide if you want to give Procerin a try.

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