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What Is 4b Hair Type?

Andre Walker’s hair typing system guides us to know the type of hair we carry. Through Andre Walker’s typing system, you can tell whether your hair is gauge 4A, 4B, or 4C. While type 4C and 4A may have some distinctive qualities, type 4B blends the qualities of the two, which makes it a bit hard to tell apart. So what is 4b hair type? Read on to know.

So What Is 4B Hair Type?

All 4 hair types are curled. However, the curl patterns vary from each other. As for type 4B, the pattern is Z-shaped. The curls are wider and not defined.

The texture of 4B hair resembles that of 4b hair types. It can be wiry textured, rough, coarse, or fine-textured. The Z-shape of hair type 4b prevents the flow of natural oils from your scalp to the roots. To treat and keep your hair in the best condition, you should treat it using castor or coconut oil.

Type 4b, just like its cousins, is vulnerable to shrinkage. So, it’s likely to form very tight curls making your hair shorter than it actually is.

What Is 4b Hair Type – Which Protective Hair Styles Are Best for Me?

You can style your type 4b hair to virtually any style of your liking. Each of these hairstyles is without a doubt suitable for people with 4b hair type. However, don’t forget that your face type, hair size, and hair volume will determine which style will suit you. Whichever your preferences and hair size, here are some amazing hairstyles you can consider:

Flat twists

Flat twists are easy and elegant styling options for women with hair type 4b. The flat twists are attached to your scalp and can be styled to match diverse shapes and directions. You can play around with the flat twists’ direction and shape to achieve classy or bouncy looks.

Unraveling flat twists after some days could make your curl’s pattern uniform, creating a defined fuss-free and natural kink hairstyle. These hairstyles are quite common among standard braiding styles.

The faux ponytail

Slick ponytails are naturally chic and attractive. Faux ponytails don’t require professional input the same way other types of protective styles do. In creating a faux ponytail, choose a ponytail matching your favorite hair texture and length.

After you’ve purchased the ponytails, apply the leave-in conditioner to the natural hair before you put it back to the low twisted bun.  After that, put gel to your hair edges and smooth the ponytails using a soft bristle brush. Once done, attach the ponytail to the bun and pull the drawstring to tauten up the ponytails.  In conclusion, pick one ponytail and envelop the bun to create that seamless and natural look.

Crochet curls

Crochet curls are a highly protective hairstyle that adds texture and volume to your hair. Crochet braids interlock cornrows and synthetic hair extensions to deliver a full-bodied afro look. The extensions and cornrows are intertwined using traditional weaving needles or glue.

Freshly crochet the hair backs and cornrow them by adding extensions little by little using your crochet needle. Now, slip the needle underneath the cornrows while the latch is closed.

Now, open up the latch and connect it to the needle. Close the latch and jerk the needle alongside the hair below the cornrow to create a medium-sized hoop. Crease the formed tails and place them over the loop. Using your fingers, curl the loop using your fingers, and then place the tails in the middle of the loop to stiffen and protect the hair.

Box braids

The next amazing choice of hairstyle for your 4b hair type is box braids. Box braids are long-lasting as they can serve you for six weeks before they are due for removal. Braids work with all hair types and sizes. Even if your 4b hair has refused to grow, you can achieve longer and more attractive looks by adding synthetic hair braids to it. Well-secured and box braid tresses will tighten and secure the tresses.

Braids are loved for their ability to protect your curls from the demanding daily cleaning routines. Braids aren’t something you can fix on your own. Braids are a bit complex to fix, and that’s why you would need the input of a qualified afro hairstylist. Once the braids are fixed, ensure you use the right products to clean them.

Bantu knots

Our final best choice of hairstyle to use for you to protect your 4b curls against damage and brittle is Bantu knots. Bantu knots are widely associated with Rihanna. They are the most revered 90s hairstyles that deliver unique looks while adding resistance to your hair strands.

Bantu knots impound moisture offering a protective style that stands out with elongating natural curls patterns. When fixing these knots, add enough moisture to your hair to outline it well and untangle the curls. Once done, create small sections, which you should then wrap into your mini Bantu knots.

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What Is 4B Hair Type – Conclusion

Having read the info above you should know what is 4b hair type. Having type 4b doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock yourself with the latest, most intriguing hairstyles. It doesn’t mean you should not protect and accessorize it with the finest of products, either. As you can see above, there are plenty of hairstyles that could work best for people with hair type 4b.

Fixing these hairstyles may not be too costly, but if you want any of the styles to last longer, you must use the right care and protective products. Don’t just settle for any moisturizers, oils, conditioners, or styles available at your disposal. The unique nature of 4b hair type requires a special kind of care and attention, and so, only get the best products that are proven to work for hair type 4b.

If you’re not used to fashionable hairstyles for 4b hair type, you would rather consider talking with a hairstylist. Don’t be shy to get help from friends who have used the hairstyle you would wish to wear as that could help you discover more information and styles.


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