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What Is a Hair Weave?

The demand for weaves has been growing of late. More women are awake to what weaves can do to their hairs and looks. Provided they’re worn properly, weaves add style, length, and volume to your hair, making you more beautiful. Wondering what is a hair weave? Read on.

So what is a Hair Weave?

A hair weave is a type of hair extension sourced from artificial materials or human hair. Weaves are installed over natural hair through clipping, sewing, or gluing to your hair look longer and voluminous. The discovery of weaves dates back to 3400BC when Egyptians used to dye their natural hair or sheep wool and attach it to their heads using beeswax or resin.

In today’s beauty arena, weaves count as the most used hair extensions. Weaves aren’t too costly because they’re designed to last for some weeks only. A weave is so different from wigs because they are directly attached to your natural hair, making it look more beautiful and accentuated.

What’s the Process of Applying Weaves?

Attaching weaves into the human hair is called hair weaving. Hair weaving has varied sub-methods, including bonding, pasting, gluing, netting, and fusion. All the hair weaving methods are non-surgical and painless. In hair weaving, hairstylists use clips or glue to hold the weaves in place. Most, if not all, weaving techniques are safe and have minimal to no sides.

Weaving is a temporary method that works to give your hair fluffy, thick, and lustrous looks. Fusion hair weaving involves the use of heated machines to attach the weaves to the natural hair. The fusion method of weaving takes more time, and it’s more expensive compared to other methods. It, however, fixes the strands so uniquely such that they have a natural look.

Is Hair Weaving Effective?

Hair weaving is tried and true and works best for people experiencing slow hair growth, thinning, patchiness, and baldness but want to look attractive and have healthy hair. The technique is quite common among men and women looking to add a natural look and volume to their hair.

Weaving has proven to be one of the most effective artificial hair extensions and styling techniques. With hair weaving, you’re not only adding style, volume, and sparkle to your hair but also giving your natural hair room to grow.

Who Is Weaving Suitable for?

As said earlier, weaving is a safer and effective non-surgical and non-invasive technology of enhancing and heightening hair look. Weaving is cheaper and installs quickly. Considering it’s safe and effective, it’s suitable for everyone who wants to achieve superior hair freshness and intensity without waiting for years before their natural hair grows to the desired length and volume.

What are the Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Weaves?

Weaves are classically fashionable hair extensions obtained from synthetic fibers or human hair. Ladies wishing to add volume and length to their hair using weaves should know how to differentiate between the two. These are the similarities and differences between synthetic and natural weaves:

  1. Human hair is sourced directly from virgin human hair. Human hair weaves are softer, feels better, and have almost the same texture and color as your natural hair. Human hair doesn’t succumb to high temperatures, and hairstylists can style it to your likings. Human hair can be blown dried, dyed, washed, and even ironed. They are more beautiful and natural, but they cost more.
  2. Synthetic weaves are sourced directly from synthetic fibers. Synthetic weaves are cheaper and more in demand. Unfortunately, synthetic weaves can’t resist high temperatures. Treating weaves in heated machines will often make them melt. For more stunning and natural hairstyling results, consider pre-styled synthetic weaves as they come in styles you love. The durability of synthetic weaves is not guaranteed, though.

Should You Buy Double or Dingle Drawn Weaves?

Hair weave bundles come either as double drawn or single drawn.

  1. Single drawn hair weave bundles include 50% varying lengths and 50% full length. In simple terms, if you order a 19-inch bundle, only half of the strands will be 19-inches. The rest will be in lengths ranging from 15 to 17 inches. That ensures you can achieve tapered ends and fuller tips. With these types of hair bundles, you will realize a more natural and impressive look.
  2. In double drawn hair weave bundles, 70% to 80% of the strands are full length, while the remaining are varying lengths. Double drawn hair bundles are perfect for those who want to achieve fuller hair volumes and lengths. However, they are not suitable for people with thin hair as the extensive thickness could damage your natural hair over time.

What Is a Hair Weave –  Which one is Perfect for Me?

Every hair type conforms to different types of weaves. Several factors play a part when determining a perfect hair weave for different users. Confirm your selected hair weave meets these criteria:

  • Color match – you can only achieve your desired impressive hairstyle and look if you settle for the right color. Consider hair weaves colored similarly to your natural hair.
  • Texture – consider a weave textured similarly to your natural hair. If you don’t know your hair texture, get a hairstylist to tell you whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy.
  • Material and quality – you can’t neglect the value you’ll get from the hair weave. Consider virgin hairs for superior and lasting looks and synthetic weaves if you’re on a budget.
  • Length – know which hair weave length will give you the best hair length and volume by comparing long and short weaves.
  • Face shape – in buying weaves, consider your face shape. Ladies with oblong or long faces should consider short weaves. Those with round faces should consider sleep weaves. If your face is square-shaped, go for curly weaves.

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What Is a Hair Weave –  Conclusion

Having known what is a hair weave, it’s now time to make that bold purchase move. You’ve gathered every single detail you need to buy hair weaves suitable for you. Hair weaves come from different manufacturers, some of which are branded and more expensive than others. Know your budget and plan your purchase to increase selection accuracy and minimize mistakes.

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